Customizable charts and dashboards are now available

We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to Viewly One app.


Viewly one has started as an app with analytics dashboards, and in this release we are taking it a step further.

In the new Viewly One, users can create their own questions, and answer them by building custom charts and tables from our database. The app comes with a visual query builder, so no SQL knowledge is required even for moderately complex queries.

Users can now create their own dashboards as well, as well as search their collection of queries, charts, and dashboards. Sample dasbhoard templates are provided as well, and we will improve them based on community suggestions.

Query Builder

The visual query builder makes data exploration and charting easy.

Any existing question can be quickly modified with new filters and parameters for interactive exploratory analysis. Furthermore, the results of each query can be quickly exported into json, csv and Microsoft Excel formats for offline analysis.

Custom Dashboards

Users can also create their own dashboards to monitor metrics important to them.

Feedback is welcome

We would love to hear from you. You can join our Telegram and Discord channels, and share your chart ideas, request new datasets and ideas for improvement of Viewly One.