Announcing the first Viewly token burn

Today 6.3M Viewly tokens have been “burned”, in a first burn event in the 3 years of operations. This event represents a 12.6% reduction of total supply.

The transaction is available on Etherscan:

Where are the burned tokens coming from?

The burned tokens have been accumulated over the past 3 years, except for 171,112 tokens which were unallocated supply from the Viewly Video Distribution Game.

Will there be more burn events?

Viewly services are currently only available in exchange for Viewly tokens, and all tokens spent for Viewly products and services will be periodically burned.

Where can the tokens be spent?

Viewly tokens are used to purchase subscription to our analytics and data products at, and to a much lesser extent to pay the publishing fees on (the latter is being phased out).

Will there be any future issuances?

Viewly will not issue, award or distribute any more tokens.