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Is DeFi making Ethereum mining profitable again?

Last month rapid rise of multiple new DeFi projects. The transaction costs on Ethereum, the leading DeFi platform are up nearly 2 orders of magnitude.

A quick look into DeFi

DeFi is the new, hot crypto trend. In this post we do some preliminary analysis on the subject.

Announcing the first Viewly token burn

Today 6.3M Viewly tokens have been "burned", in a first burn event in the 3 years of operations. This event represents a 12.6% reduction of total supply.

Introducing pricing and fundamental data for US equities

Viewly One started as a crypto analytics product. With this release we are expanding into traditional markets as well.

Exploratory analysis of Crypto Twitter

In this post we will be exploring our Crypto Twitter (CT) dataset, which consists of 1.7M tweets from top ~1000 “crypto influencers” from 2013-2020. This dataset is strongly biased, since by definition the most popular Twitter users are the ones who write positive content about crypto.

Bitcoin futures and perpetual swaps dataset

Bitcoin futures and swaps dataset is now available, as a first step into leveraged derivatives markets.

Viewly One Pricing Update & Uniswap

Viewly One is now available for ~ $100 per year in VIEW Tokens.

Customizable charts and dashboards are now available

We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to Viewly One app.

The effect of Tether printing on Bitcoin price

We have constructed a simple statistical model to measure the linear association between Tether printing and 7 day returns on BTC.

2019 review of top cryptoassets of interest

In this post we will explore relative returns and volatility of interesting crypto assets.

Monthly seasonality in Bitcoin

Seasonality and possible explanations.

Faster dashboards

Viewly One infrastructure receives an overhaul.

Not so fast: Stock-Flow Ratio

A quick look at Bitcoin's Stock to Flow narrative.

The humble beginning

How Viewly One came to be.

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