The humble beginning

How Viewly One came to be.

Furion (Viewly One)

A brief history of Viewly One

In 2019 we have been scrambling to find a product market fit, as the market proved our previous app non-viable.

The main product idea we have initially settled on was a portfolio construction, rebalancing and indexing tool for crypto. We have been done some viability research by developing custom statistical models and running simulations for various indexing, portfolio optimization and rebalancing strategies.

While we have later abandoned the pursuit of the that idea due to custody and security concerns - having access to peoples exchange API keys is not something that would allow us to sleep at night - the quantitative research on viability remained.

We have continued our research out of curiosity for how the crypto markets operate, and what kind of (if any) investment opportunities exist.

Our research process generally starts with hypothesis formation, followed by collection of relevant datasets of fundamental, market and social nature. The next step is exploratory data analysis, during which we clean up the datasets, impute missing values, look for anomalies, and then proceed with visualizing what we have. In the past couple of months we have created over 100 such visualizations.

Visualizations are a the most effective tool for communication of findings, but in order to generate them, we need a data scientist with knowledge of Python or R.

To solve this problem we’ve created interactive dashboards, where analysts, investors and traders can ask their own questions and get nearly instant results without programming knowledge.

Today we are soft-launching Viewly One, as a collection of dashboards with interesting insights on various aspects of the crypto markets.

Going forward

As of today we have 7 dashboards, and we are working on many more as we explore various ideas and segments of the crypto markets.

We will be announcing our project to the crypto community in early 2020, as our project matures and we feel like we have significant value to offer.

In the meantime we would like to invite anyone interested to our Discord chat, where you can ask questions, share your ideas and request custom visualizations.